Gulf Construction Company is a full-service General Contractor and Residential Builder providing quality service to commercial and residential clients along the AL Gulf Coast. With experience from factories to screened porch additions, our licensed contractors are dedicated to providing a quality service and working with you to implement your vision. Whether its Commercial or Residential, you can rely on our experience and secure industry relationships to bring value to your project through cost control, proper scheduling, and most importantly, quality.

As a General Contractor we are able to join your project team near the end of the design phase which provides a traditional design-bid-build structure. With our experience, we are able to provide a fast turnaround on pricing. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver projects to our clients with the most stringent of schedules. Our contracts can be based on a bid or a negotiated amount.

However, we specialize in design-build of commercial and residential projects, acting as your single point of contact during the design and construction phases. With our in house designers and close engineers, we can eliminate the need for multiple points of contact. This approach allows our clients an efficient avenue to interact with engineering, architectural, design, and construction team members early on in the project and leads to an efficient, cost-effective agreement structure benefiting all involved.

We may self perform the following cost codes:

In House Design Team

 03 – Concrete

 06 – Framing

 06 – Trim Work

 09 – Insulation

 09 – Flooring

 09 – Painting

 09 – Drywall

We are always adding talented new professionals to our team, so the self performance of any particular job varies on availability and size. Contact us for more information.